I had a scare Sunday night, but I'm ok now. I had no intention of blogging about it but when I emailed this description to Carole, she said I had done all the right things and should put it in my blog to remind other people of what you should do. So.
My neighbor Jean dropped me off at my house about 10:00 p.m. after book group and went on up the street. I tripped going up my walk and landed on my knees and then the momentum carried me forward and I hit my head on the edge of the bottom (brick) step. It made a big groove right at the hairline. Everything hurt, but I was worried about my head, because my friend Kathy's thinking was affected by a closed-head injury. Also, I know you're supposed to be checked for symptoms of concussion every few hours, and Claudia is in New York. So I walked over to Jean's house and caught her as she was getting out of her car, told her what happened. She took me in and checked me for blood, none, and, since she had forgotten to put the ice pack back in the freezer after her last migraine, she gave me a packet of frozen peas for my head and frozen corn for my knee. Then she looked up head injuries in her Kaiser home medical book and we decided we didn't need to call Kaiser or take me to the emergency room. I would have been more worried if Claudia hadn't once gotten a groove in her head in about the same place from a parking garage gate coming down on her, and she recovered just fine.
The book said I should be checked every few hours for signs of concussion. Jean checked my pupils then, and offered me a bed at her house for the night, but I set it up the same way I had last time I thought I might have a concussion (Claudia was also out of town then, and I set it up with Carole). So Jean and I set our alarms for 1 o'clock and if I didn't call, she could assume I needed help. After I got home I knew my brain was working ok when I realized that Jean should have a key to my house in case she had to come in and rouse me. 
Then I couldn't get to sleep, so I finished reading the book-group book (rare for me not to finish before the meeting) and called her at one. I felt fine, so told her we could skip the next check. The checking is supposed to go on for 24 hours, but all I did was to refrain from driving till a four o’clock appointment, 18 hours, close enough. The dent is still a dent, so icing it right away and again when I got home kept me from getting a lump. It's still a little red; I was afraid it would be big and purple.
The book, by the way, was terrific. A Plague of Doves, by Louise Erdrich.
Friday I leave for the Children’s Music Network national gathering in Asheville, NC. Bonnie Lockhart and I will be singing Malvina’s “Magic Penny” at the beginning of the Magic Penny Award ceremony. This year the award will be given to Tom Chapin. You can hear him singing the song he wrote with John Forster, “Not on the Test” on his website. If you don’t like “No Child Left Behind” you’ll love this song.
A company that markets software for parents to track their children’s internet use is collecting the data and selling it to people marketing products to children. Here’s the whole story. Eeww, gross!
Here I am at the first Magic Penny Award presentation, where I accepted the award posthumously for my mother, whose song the award was named after.http://www.cmnonline.org/MagicPenny.htm
Tuesday, October 6, 2009