I started this blog when I started writing a biograpy of my mother, songwriter/activist Malvina Reynolds. I wanted to chronicle the process of research and writing but mainly I wanted more immediate feedback. I am used to writing in short forms: songs, stories, poems, articles; my previous book, a how-to on storytelling ran about 50 pages in the first edition. I wanted an audience right away, not five years hence. Well, it’s been longer than five years already and the book is nowhere near done. The blog is done, though, for now. I had technical difficulties and stopped posting it a couple of years ago, though I kept writing the biography. Now I’ve suspended work on the bio to write another book, this one about my own activities in and around the Occupy movement, working title Occupella: Singing in the Lifeboats. For more about that story, see my other blog at

   I find I refer to Writing Malvina from time to time to refresh my memory and I also link to it from my Occupella blog, so when Apple told me, where it was posted, was about to disappear, I asked my daughter and website designer to post the thing on a website. She did that, not as a functioning blog but as a blog preserved in virtual aspic. This home page has a comment section below this introduction for general comments, but no new comments can be added to the individual pages and there will be no new posting. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. If you have stories or information about Malvina, please write to me at nancy [at]

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