You know how people are always seeing the Virgin in a tortilla or Elvis in a piece of French toast? Well...the Goddess appeared to me in a tomato last Saturday at the downtown Berkeley farmers’ market. Luckily, I ran into my friend Carole, who had her phone with her, and the herb seller loaned us her table for an open-shade photo site with less glare (we’ve been having un-seasonal bright sunny days lately). And by the way, the tomato is an Early Girl.
OK, to be a real tabloid, I’ll have to say something about Michael Jackson. I’ll let Malvina say it:
“ can’t be a solid person when everybody thinks that everything that comes out of your mouth is gold. It warps you. If you get too far above people, your feet are off the ground and you lose your roots and the source of your inspiration and you’re stuck up there! In a way, super stars can’t help it, because they’re cut off from the people by the businessmen who surround them, who want to touch them to get the gold to come off. Not that I was ever in danger of that!” (From an interview published in Second Stories: Conversations with Women Whose Artistic Careers Began After Thirty-Five, by Gloria Frym, Chronicle Books, ©1979.)
© 2009 by Nancy Schimmel
The Venus of Willendorf appears at the Berkeley Farmers’ Market as a tomato. Photo by Carole Leita.
Friday, July 10, 2009